The Westchester Dedicated Breast MRI Center is the first of its kind in Westchester County and the Hudson Valley. Employing the only dedicated MRI system available for breast imaging, the Center's experienced staff uses the high field breast MRI system made by Aurora Imaging.

Only experienced breast radiologists, technologists and nurses staff The Westchester Dedicated Breast MRI Center. This ensures our patients the comfort of knowing that only breast specialists will be involved in performing and interpreting her MRI. When the breast MRI is completed, the radiologist immediately discusses the results with the patient eliminating the wait for a written report to be generated and sent to the referring doctor.

If your physician suggests that you should have a breast MRI remember to ask to be referred to The Westchester Dedicated Breast MRI Center.

Dr's. Paul Khoury and Andre Khoury of the White Plains Radiology Associates founded the Westchester Dedicated Breast MRI Center. They have a long history of providing patients with the newest and most sophisticated imaging technologies available.



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